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20+ Years of Experience

Lux Roofing and Coating is a Commercial Roofing company out of metro Atlanta.

With a combined total of over 20 years of commercial and residential construction working experience, Lux Roofing and Coating provides superior roofing services to all of its customers.

Expert Roof Coating Solutions

Guided expertise, every step.

We understand that not every building owner knows all the nitty-gritty details behind the roof coating process, so it’s our solemn promise to help you through it every step of the way. From the inspection, to scheduling, all the way to the actual installment, we will guide you through it all, step-by-step.

We understand that as the business owner and building manager  you deserve to get what you want for your building. We provide our professional feedback and go with whatever material you want. During our consultation with you we will show you the different types of materials available for the project, and then the ball is in your court! We want you to have the freedom you deserve when updating your buildoing.

Let us help you give your business the protection it deserves! Contact us today to learn more about our roof coating system.